Amy Austin Artwork
Acrylic Canvas Paintings

​    My first memory creating art occurred when I was four years old and living in Houston, Texas. I had a picture of a Raggedy Ann doll on my wall. I galloped back and forth recreating the image of the doll with my crayons. Realizing how much I enjoyed this hobby, I started taking art classes; continuing all the way throughout college. These classes helped me recognize that art was something I wanted to produce for the rest of my life.
    I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. Here, I was able to notice my passion for acrylics. I met my husband, who is also an art major. After graduating, I spent 10 years as a graphic designer. I raised a son and daughter while volunteering and consistently painting. I've been enriched by living in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas and now Wisconsin. Each state has its own natural beauty and inspiration, as well as many lovely landscapes and animals to capture on canvas.
    My paintings are about finding peaceful connections in the world around me. I paint in a realistic style adding depth, movement and perspective to pull the viewer in. My goal is to bring the viewer into a calm, relaxing moment.
    It brings me immense joy being able to create a painting that inspires emotion, imagination, contemplation and individual viewpoints in others.